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Preface: You can’t be everybody’s friend™

How to build a better business/better relationships/a better team by understanding your culture/cultural fit

Researched and compiled by John Ardern

It’s said that “everyone has a book inside them”. This is mine! The idea behind this book was sparked by the work that my dear friend Jeff Edis & myself were doing as “The Consult Group”, a new business development consultancy, working with a wide range of different creative and marketing services agencies – of many different types, sizes and more importantly cultures.

What is culture? Simply put “the way we do things around here”.

There are so many different “ways to do things around here” – and we found that there was no right or no wrong way, just different ways, different cultures. This affected not only which ones we as The Consult Group decided to work with but also which clients/prospects our agencies’ clients were working best with, both currently and in the future – and those they weren’t.

Here’s the story…

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  1. Useful ideas! I have been hunting for everything like that for a time currently. Thank you!

    • Uncle John

       /  March 3, 2012

      Thank you, Domenica, how did you find out about the book? What is your own blog about?
      Have you subscribed for free by adding your email address on the left-hand side ofthe home page, so you can receive all the updates and future chapters? What would you like us to cover next?


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